Cashless travelling

The idea of cashless travelling is becoming a reality as the business of online travel booking is flourishing in Pakistan. A convenient travel and ticketing platform is the need of the hour as the world is changing at a rapid pace. We are turning to an economy where there is no need to carry cash. Instead one can book a traveling destination using the online platform and transact fare cost through one’s account without the hassle of standing in queues outside booking centres using paper-based transport. With an increase in the number of internet users from 20 million in 2015 to over 100 million in 2021, the use of tech tools is becoming more common now.

Reportedly, plans to offer people online bookings for intercity buses, airlines, hotels and events in Pakistan. Set up in 2014, claims to be the first completely cashless platform in Pakistan with the highest number of day-to-day digital transactions from banks and payment gateways. It has transformed the mode of travelling as its outreach is going beyond the borders. The modern entrepreneurship has changed altogether with the boom of startups equipped with tech tools. Technological advances have permeated almost all spheres of life and their use is easing life on a daily basis. From receiving grocery at one’s doorstep to travelling across the city, all chores have become hassle free due to the advent of services in the form of new startups.

One of the key sectors that needs digitization on an urgent basis is the school transportation. The transportation of school children and students to and from educational institutions involves a lot of transportation modes like motorcycles, cars, rickshaws etc. An app needs to be developed involving single mode of traveling for all schools in big cities that will curtail heavy traffic load on roads and provide relief to parents. This too can be a cashless venture as online transactions will be enough to put it into practice.


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