Cat pose mastered by yoga enthusiasts during adorable kitten session

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In New Delhi, a group of yoga enthusiasts gathered at a studio in the southern part of the city for a unique yoga session. The participants, dressed in gym clothing, had foam mats and were ready for an hour of yoga with a furry twist.

Inside the sunlit studio in Vasant Kunj, kittens roamed around as the session began. Some of them found their cozy spots on the mats while soft music played in the background. Other kittens curiously observed the attendees as they gracefully moved through various yoga poses.

The concept of practicing yoga with furry companions has gained popularity worldwide. Sessions involving animals like goats and dogs often attract large crowds seeking stress relief.

Mona, the organizer of these sessions under the initiative “The Paw Hour,” humorously refers to this practice as “distracted yoga.” She shares that people sometimes take breaks from their work to attend these sessions and leave with joyful smiles.

The yoga experience is relaxed and self-paced, involving gentle stretches to create a serene atmosphere that aids in relaxation. Kittens playfully interact with the participants, occasionally even dozing off on them, eliciting laughter from the group.

Co-organizer Noor, who prefers to use only her first name, explains that individuals come in feeling stressed but leave feeling rejuvenated.

Participant Chandreyee Sarkar mentions that it was the presence of kittens that attracted her to join the session. As a cat enthusiast, she felt compelled to attend this unique yoga gathering.

The Paw Hour collaborates with individual cat rescuers to support cat adoption efforts and raise awareness about pet adoption. Requests and inquiries about adopting cats pour in after almost every class, reflecting the positive impact of these sessions.

Yoga instructor Surbhi shares that the classes are filled with smiles and often conclude with heartwarming stories of kittens finding loving homes.

Mona, who is part of the organizing team and prefers to use only one name, reveals that all the kitten yoga sessions held in Delhi this year have experienced remarkable demand. The team is considering expanding similar events to Bengaluru and other cities across India.

Hafiz Bakhtyar is a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication at the University of Management (UMT). Hafiz Bakhtyar can be contacted via email at He is also available on Twitter under the handle "Bakhtyar Arshad."