CDA announces honorarium equivalent to one basic salary for employees

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An honorarium equal to one basic salary will be given to 84 workers of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in appreciation for their hard work during the free flour distribution during Ramadan.

It was decided to provide this gratuity, and Rs. 18,74,000 has been granted for the honorarium to be distributed to worthy workers.

Employees from several departments, including MP2, Parliament Lodges, the Road and Maintenance Department, HRD, and CDA Hospital, are among those who have received this honorarium.

A total of 25 personnel from the ICT and 59 from the CDA are among the recipients.

The health department and emergency personnel who worked at the flour distribution locations are also entitled to a gratuity. They will be rewarded for their dedication and hard work in serving the community throughout Ramadan.

After getting the required approvals from the Chief Commissioner and the Chairman of the CDA, the HRD department released the notification regarding the honorarium’s approval.

It recognizes that the workers put in several extra hours of work on top of their regular workdays. These workers faithfully performed their duties without being compensated for overtime or additional work.

The letter also emphasizes that while doing their duties for the free flour distribution project, the employees were not given access to transportation. Despite these difficulties, their dedication and performance have been acknowledged, and they are receiving the honorarium based on their merit.