CDA announces to Install Floodlights in Islamabad’s Cricket Grounds

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has made public its intention of installing floodlights at several neighborhood cricket fields in Islamabad.

The Shalimar Cricket Ground, Marghzar Cricket Ground, National Cricket Ground, and Diamond Cricket Ground will all have floodlights installed, according to authorities.

Recognizing the potential advantages of private sector participation, the civic agency will work diligently to incorporate private organizations in this significant initiative.

The CDA board is willing to provide funding for the installation of floodlights even if private sector participation is not realized.

The youth, who continuously exhibit passion and active involvement in sporting activities, are the target audience for this campaign, which is part of a larger plan to promote sports engagement.

The DG for Sports and Culture and the Director of Municipal Administration has been tasked with developing plans as part of the CDA’s intentions to improve more grounds.

The CDA is vigorously pursuing the construction of Shah Allah Dita’s Sports Enclave, which will encompass a sizable 300-kanal area set aside for environmental and health-related activities.

A CDA representative stated, “Promoting sports activities in the city is one of our top priorities, and we are actively working to provide people with a variety of opportunities to participate in sporting events.”