Celebrities share how they spend their Sundays!

Minute Mirror caught up with a few big names from showbiz, who shared their Sunday routines with their fans

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Usman Mukhtar

On Sundays, I usually have a cheat day, so I’m mostly home; eating and gaming online.

Marina Khan

These days, I prefer lying in the bed with my coffee while enjoying YouTube. I also spend much of my time with my dogs. If not too tired, I don’t mind cooking either.

Rashid Farooqi

I prefer spending Sunday with my family. We have breakfast together, and then I proceed to finish all the pending household chores. Once I am done with domestic work, I watch a film with my daughter and then both of us discuss it. That’s how my Sunday passes.

Nadia Afgan

I spend my Sundays at home with my husband, Jodi, as it is our favourite place to be at. On Sundays, we prefer not to socialize but relax – just the two of us. We go out for breakfast, preferably desi. If not that, then Jodi cooks breakfast for me, as it is only on the weekends that he gets to cook something for me. Otherwise, considering his tough job which makes him wake up early in the morning, I prepare breakfast for him. Other than that, we take our dogs out for a walk or watch a series or film together. Before Sunday, I also make a list of things that need to be fixed, and then we work on them in our free time.

Shamoon Abbasi

I mostly spend my Sunday tending to my garden or cooking something tasty for my family. At the end of the day, I prefer watching Netflix.

Maria Wasti

I usually wake up late on Sundays. Breakfast in bed is a must on Sunday. Sometimes, I spend it on the beach but more than that, I prefer lazing around at home with my pets and not burdening myself with any work.

Ahsan Khan

I try and make sure that I get to have an off on Sunday so that I can spend as much time with my family as possible. We chill out watching films, eating junk food with the kids or lazing around at home. At times, we also go out, either to eat something or just for the sake of entertainment.

Saif e Hassan

Sundays don’t really matter if I am shooting. If not, then I try to wake up as late as possible. We either go out for breakfast or order in at home. The rest of the day is spent relaxing.

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