Celebrity Sunday!

A few more celebrities get in touch with Daily Minute Mirror to share their Sunday routines

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Imran Ashraf

I spend my Sunday watching my son all day long!

Hassan Niazi

My Sunday is spent either playing cricket or hanging out with friends.

Faiza Gillani

My Sundays are always a boon for the family, as everyone gets together after the hustle and bustle of the entire week and we get to spend quality time together. My Sundays, for the most part, are for my family!

Faisal Rehman

Waking up on Sunday morning, I look outside and realize that it will be Sunday all day, so I switch on my phone to check the messages and then choose not to reply. So I switch it off again, deciding to celebrate my holiday by not being too social. Then I relieve myself of undesired liquids, jump into my bed again and pull up the blanket – in the hope to continue watching “Jism 2” with Sunny Leone in my dream.

Ali Kazmi

There’s seldom time to celebrate weekends in our business! Still, I make sure that my Sundays are my fam-jam time! Both of my kids come to wake me up by jumping into my bed. Then I take my three-year old, Zayn, for soccer. On my way back from there, I drop off some charity in a close-by neighbourhood shelter. Then it’s time for a zoom meeting for work or a mentoring session for the aspiring artists out there. By the time the meetings come to an end, it’s time to take my seven-year old, Rafay for soccer, after which we grab our ice-creams and head home. Then a much-needed face-time session with my parents has to take place so that they can see their grandkids. After this, I prefer watching some series which is pending due to a tough work routine or the entire family tries a new restaurant we’ve been planning to visit for long. When back home, my wife or I read out bed-time stories to our children to put them to sleep. Once the kids are finally asleep, it’s time for me and my wife to unwind, watch a movie or series we haven’t had a chance to watch. Depending on the day, at times, both of us fall asleep during the show. Haha! Sunday is truly funday, but this Sunday I have to direct a commercial so it might not be the same. Life is full of experiences one just hasn’t lived yet. So go out there and live! Sunday is “dad mode” on!