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Celebs request privacy for Sajal and Ahad amid divorce rumours

The news of Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly’s divorce, which has finally been confirmed, has taken social media by storm, with millions of fans having been left depressed a their favorite celebrity couple officially parting ways. An unconfirmed news is also being circulated regarding a fan dying of stroke after getting to hear the news.

However, people still do not seem to be getting over the fact that Ahad and Sajal are no longer together, and are frequently sharing their photos post-wedding photos, which many celebrities do not approve of.

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Multiple colleagues of both Ahad and Sajal have asked the public to refrain from sharing their photos together and respect their decision instead of posting stuff which may hurt their sentiments, as divorce is a ‘very difficult decision’ as said by Azfar Rehman after listening to the news. Social media star, host and sometimes actor Mathira also took to her Instagram to wish specifically Sajal Aly an easy life ahead, full of happiness and prosperity.

While a lot of celebrities have come forward in support of Sajal Aly, news is that in Dubai, Ahad Raza Mir was left embarrassed when the audience started chanting Sajal’s name after Ahad made his entry at Dubai Expo 2020.



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