Chief Justice will step down, not Prime Minister; says Irfan Qadir

Judges didn’t even understand constitution, they took a decision which is null and void, former AG

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Election Commission of Pakistan’s lawyer and former Attorney General Irfan Qadir and a part of the federal cabinet has said that the Prime Minister will not go home at all.

He said that if elections are not held, someone will have to go home. He said, “As much as the chief justice has done, it would be better for him to resign, if he does not resign, then I have to say sadly that I feel then the Chief Justice will probably have to go home.”

Irfan Qadir said that there was no provision in the Law of 184 (3) that weakens the Supreme Court, he said about the resolution against the Supreme Court’s Decision in the Punjab Elections that it was the voice of the parliament.

He said that if you look at this decision on merit, then first a date was given which was given by the President of Pakistan, while the President could not give the date, and then the Supreme Court issued orders. He said that the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also did not sign dissolution of the assembly.

According to Irfan Qadir, the judges of the Supreme Court did not even understand the constitution, the law, and by committing all the violations, they took a decision which is null and void.

Talking about lawyers not being heard during the hearing, he said that it was very excessive that for three days the judges kept speaking, skinning the hair without any reason and did not listen to the senior lawyers.

On the question of the Prime Minister and the entire Cabinet standing in the dock on April 10, he said, “The question does not arise; Article 248 clearly states that the Cabinet and the Prime Minister are not answerable to any court in their duties.”