China launches world’s first inhalable Covid-19 vaccine

Picture source - Shutterstock

Chinese city Shanghai has launched what appears to be the first needle-free inhalable covid-19 vaccine.

As per the TRT world report, On Wednesday, the announcement was made via the city’s official social media account.

The announcement said that the vaccine is like a mist that is sucked in through the mouth and is being given away for free as a booster dose to people who have already been vaccinated.

Chinese regulators approved the vaccine for use as a booster in September.

This inhalable vaccine is manufactured by the Chinese biopharmaceutical company Cansino Biologics Inc.

As per Cansino biologics, “the inhaled vaccine has completed clinical trials in China, Hungary, Pakistan, Malaysia, Argentina, and Mexico.”

According to an expert, a vaccine administered orally could also prevent the virus from spreading to the entire respiratory system, though this would rely solely in part on the size of the droplets.

Dr. Vineeta Bal, an immunologist in India stated “Larger droplets would train defences in parts of the mouth and throat, while smaller ones would travel further into the body.”

People who got it stated that it was like drinking a cup of milk tea. When I breathed it in, it tasted a bit sweet.

India has also approved a needle-free US-developed vaccine but it has yet to be rolled out.


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