China owns both sides of Taiwan: Chinese Foreign Minister

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Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang stated on Friday that China owns both sides of the Taiwan Strait and that maintaining its sovereignty is right and proper.

Qin spoke on a variety of subjects at the Lanting Forum in Shanghai, including debt, the world economy and Taiwan.

Recently, there has been irrational language that accuses China of upsetting the status quo and causing instability across the Taiwan Strait, Qin said. “The conclusion is dangerous and the logic is absurd.”

Fair-minded individuals “can see who is engaging in hegemonic bullying and high-minded practices,” he continued.

Taiwan independence separatist groups and a few other nations are aiming to upset the status quo, not the Chinese mainland, according to Qin. In Taiwan, “those who play with fire will eventually get burned.”

China recently conducted military drills surrounding the independent island after Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, visited Kevin McCarthy in Los Angeles before flying back to Taipei.

Beijing regularly criticizes high-level encounters between Taiwanese and foreign leaders, officials, and regards Taiwan, which is democratically run, as its own territory, a position that the administration in Taipei vehemently rejects.