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China pushing law to punish parents for children’s misbehaviour or crimes

China recently has invested in grooming its adolescents with measures like reduced time allowance for online video gaming

Parents in China soon may have the iron hand of law hanging above them if their children misbehave or commit crimes under their care.

According to Reuters, China has produced a draft legislation that would punish parents if their children grossly misbehaved or committed crimes. The family education program law would order parents to go through family education guidance programs if criminal behavior manifests in their children.

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China National People’s Congress (NPC) Legislative Affairs Commission spokesman Zang Tiewi said that lack of family education led to problematic behavior in youngsters. The law would also seek to ensure that parents factored in ample rest, exercise and play time into their children’s daily routine.

The draft law would be taken up for review by the NPC Standing Committee this week.

China in recent months has taken several measures that would tackle the upbringing of adolescents in the country. The education ministry has limited children to playing online video games on select days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Children would be allowed to play for one hour on each day. The ministry has also banned after-school tutoring and cut back on homework on weekends and during holidays, so students didn’t burn out under academic pressure.

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In December, China also introduced the “Proposal to Prevent the Feminisation of Male Adolescents” which stresses upon schools to encourage sports like soccer to ensure young men did not become effeminate.



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