China reports restrictions after rise in daily Covid infections

32,695 Covid cases on Thursday, 7,524 in Guangzhou, 6,500 in Chongqing and 1,760 in Beijing

Picture source - Getty Images

Against the hopes of easing measures, China has again been reporting stricter Covid-19 restrictions due to historic high daily infections while the restrictions will be causing less fuel consumption.

On Thursday 32,695 Covid cases were recorded after many cities had reported outbreaks. Lockdowns and other restrictions have been promoted due to the infectious outbreak that would cause pushback to movement and businesses.

Guangzhou and Chongqing cities have recorded the bulk of cases while Beijing, Chengdu, Jinan, Lanzhou, Xian and Wuhan have reported hundreds of new infections. 7,524 new infections were reported in Guangzhou, 6,500 in Chongqing, and 1,760 in Beijing and the numbers were quadrupled in Shijiazhuang.

The French Chamber of Commerce in China has called for the proper implementation of measures. The statement of the French embassy was also posted on social media through the Weibo account that was widely shared.

Till a few days ago the French companies had been hopeful of an increase in bilateral trade after 20 measures of easing restrictions including shortened quarantine were announced.

Now bid cities including Beijing have been in confusion and uncertainty after the residents were locked down in their homes. There have been suggestions by the residents on social networking sites regarding quarantine.

Earlier the outbreak in April had been limited to Shanghai only but this time the case clusters appear to be numerous and far-flung.


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