China will never give up right to use force over Taiwan issue: Xi Jinping

Picture source - Reuters

President Xi Jinping has said that it is up to the Chinese people to settle the Taiwan problem and that China would never renounce the right to use force but will work toward a peaceful conclusion.

On Sunday, President Xi at the start of the Communist Party’s 20th party conference, said that we will work towards the best possible option to resolve this issue.

Taiwan, retaliated by saying that it would not relinquish its sovereignty or make concessions over freedom and democracy.

Tensions between Beijing and Taipei sharply increased in August after China held military drills close to Taiwan in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit. Even still, the military operations have proceeded at a slower pace.

Speaking at the start of the Communist Party’s 20th party congress in Beijing, Xi declared that China always “respected, cared for, and benefitted” the people of Taiwan and was dedicated to fostering cross-strait trade and cultural exchanges.

He said, “Resolving the Taiwan issue is the Chinese people’s own business, and it is up to the Chinese people to decide.”

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen stated that going to war with China was not an option in her address on Taiwan’s national day on Monday. She also repeated her intention to communicate with Beijing while pledging to continue bolstering Taiwan’s defenses.

Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang, who China sanctioned last year on the grounds that he was a separatist, told reporters on Sunday that Xi should concentrate on his own people.


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