China’s adversaries may avoid alliance with Pakistan, US report

Regarding the friendship between Pakistan and China, a US report has said that the two countries have a strong alliance, but Beijing’s opponents especially the United States can avoid a full alliance with them.

The report titled ‘Future of China-Pakistan Military Relations’ described the current state of China-Pakistan relations as a ‘strong alliance’.

The report stated that this alliance cannot be fully achieved in the future, due to China’s wrong actions or the aggressive actions of opponents to suspend relations.

The report had been prepared by Simirpi Lalwani of the US Institute of Peace (USIP), a federal institution with a congressional mandate.

The report noted that in 2015, analysts had predicted that military relations between Pakistan and China would decline to cite various reasons, but in the same year President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan and introduced a flagship project CPEC and announced the sale of eight submarines to Pakistan.

“In less than a decade now, China-Pakistan military relations have moved from a phased partnership to a strong alliance.”

The report claimed that most of Pakistan’s defense equipment is mostly Chinese, especially the capabilities of higher-end-combat strikes and power projection, and Pakistan is constantly separating from the US and European platforms.

It had been further reported that this strong relationship had to become a strong relationship, one indication would be that Beijing should give More military assistance to Pakistan and access to sensitive systems such as the J-20 fighter or nuclear-powered submarine.

The report also said that the last indication could be the installation of China’s Naval Maritime Spy Equipment in Gwadar.

“Both civilian and military leadership have categorically denied that Pakistan is not going to the Chinese camp in any way and has also eased the pressure that used to insist on choosing someone between China and the West for relations,” the report said.

According to the report, there were many points of disagreement in the current political and security environment of China and Pakistan that can slow or return their military relations at the current pace.

These points were quoted as saying that politically, China’s behavior with the Uighur Muslim tribe in Xinjiang province could affect relations due to public differences with Pakistan.

The report said that China was currently giving money to Pakistan’s economy or was active in economic and military investment in Iran at the expense of Pakistan.