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China’s senior diplomat urges ‘dialogue’ with US

Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi said on Sunday in his first public remarks since being named director of the foreign affairs office of the ruling Communist Party that China and the United States should pursue dialogue rather than conflict and learn from the mistakes made during the Cold War.

After being elevated to the Communist Party’s Politburo in October, the country’s top decision-making body, Wang was replaced as China’s foreign minister on Friday by Qin Gang, a former ambassador to the United States. Despite this, Wang was widely anticipated to continue playing a significant role in foreign policy.

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In an editorial that was published in the official Party journal Seeking Truth, Wang urged major nations to “create an example” in the face of several problems, pointing to China’s enhanced collaboration with Russia in 2022.

We have relentlessly researched the best way for the two big nations of China and the United States to get along, he stated, throughout the previous year.

He stated that to put China-US relations back on the path of peace and stability, the two nations needed to find a way to get along while demonstrating respect for one another, peaceful cohabitation, and win-win collaboration.

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During Wang’s tenure as foreign minister, Beijing and Washington’s disagreements on a variety of topics, including trade and Taiwan, sharply increased.


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