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Christian sanitary workers protest for unpaid salaries

Christian workers of Faisalabad Waste Management Company (FWMC) on Tuesday protested over the non-payment of their salaries despite Easter nearing.

Protestors threw garbage in front of the Deputy Commissioner Complex in protest. The protesters demanded immediate payment of salaries, threatening to stop cleaning the city if that was not done. FWMC employs more than 3,000 Christian sanitary workers who clean the city on a daily basis and transport the garbage to the dumping stations.

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The Christian community’s second-largest religious festival, Easter, is about to begin, but instead of the company management arranging a bonus for these Christian employees, salaries have not been paid for the past two months.

The Christian sanitary workers quit their cleaning job on Tuesday and protested in front of the DC Complex. They threw rubbish at the main gate of the DC complex and closed the route between Agricultural University Road and District Council Chowk for traffic.

The protesters said it was sad that the Christian community’s second-largest religious festival, Easter, had begun, but that district administration and company officials had not paid their salaries. The demonstrators said that they had protested a few days ago, and the company officials had promised to pay their salaries soon, but they were only verbal claims and practically nothing happened.

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A company spokesman said there were problems with payments due to delays in funding. “As soon as the funds are received, all Christian employees will be paid,” he said.



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