Chronicles of barbarism over Kashmiris: How long, till when?

‘... indeed, the wrongdoers will not succeed.’ Al-Quran (6:135)

Picture source: AP/Dar Yasin

I am all ears but all I can hear is a deliberate silence of the world powers over inhumane treatment of  innocent Kashmiris. The world powers have turned a blind eye to the atrocities and cruelties over 13 million innocent Kashmiris by Indian state. The extremist elements have been unbridled in their attacks since late 2019 following the promulgation of the fascist regime by the Modi-led government with the introduction of Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act 2019, thus repealing Article 370 of the Constitution of India.

Previously, article 370 gave Indian held Kashmir the autonomy to have its own constitution, flag, administrative independence except for foreign affairs, defence and communications. However, the newly introduced legislation shook the demographic make-up and dissolved the only Muslim-majority state in India into two union territories, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Brazen precedent was set by India with the flagrant violation of peace, basic human rights, and deployment of increased security forces; large scale house arrests and communication blackouts were imposed in efforts to suppress the voices of enslaved Kashmiris by the so-called democratic secular state of India.

Kashmir, an ethnically rich nirvana spanning over 138 sq km, praised for breathtaking beauty of its rivers, lakes, meadows, and snow-capped mountains has become a carnival of bloodshed for decades. What is keeping the global imperium to look the other way in the face of sanguinary campaigns against the innocent Kashmiris? The answer to this unspoken question seems writ large from the trade opportunities available with India.

As per data for 2020 by a highly regarded numbers cruncher, The World Bank, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India stood at USD2,623 billion while Pakistan could hardly hit the USD264 billion mark. As far as one can tell; India is providing a much bigger marketplace for investment and trade to the world, giving it a brass neck to repeatedly violate ceasefire agreement. With bland effrontery, India is fomenting a cultural, political, and social unrest and a surge is seen in spate of rebel attacks in heavily militarized valley of Kashmir since promulgation of this Draconian law.

Years ago, an agreeable and finest solution was presented by United Nations (UN) after the first war over Kashmir; UN recommended holding an independent plebiscite after demilitarization of the region. Humanity in Kashmir still awaits holding of that referendum; how long, till when?

If not us, who will guard against the ideological and regional hegemony of Kashmiris? As long as we have a peace-loving pacifist organization, United Nations, we must not lose hope; an applaudable speech by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his address at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019, found an echo in the hearts of not only Kashmiris but also anyone who holds an element of sympathy for humanity.

Our puissant PM gave a striking message to the world community against the global propaganda against Islam and Muslims. Vigorous attempts were made by Islamabad to strengthen the diplomatic ties with its counterpart for peaceful resolution of issue, however the callous response clearly shows rigid and repugnant manifesto of the party ruling India. The incumbent government of Pakistan left no stone unturned in bringing the matter to the peace table however unilateral actions by the extremist elements have once again reaffirmed the diabolical and non-secular stance of India.

Kashmir Day reinvigorates the morale and spirits of our entire nation and assures Kashmiri people of our unflinching support in their struggle for independence. Are we doing enough to absolve ourselves from our responsibility towards Kashmiri brethren? Is it enough to hang posters in the capital on the day showcasing Indian terrorism and violence or do we need to act more than we express?

The Kashmir issue is no more limited to Indo-Pak subcontinent rather has become a global concern. In the present age, a population of more than 13 million should not be allowed to be ruled under the prerogative of a fascist leader, world powers need to set up think tanks to figure out an optimal solution to the problem; if not addressed, it would have far-reaching dreadful repercussions across the globe, and the world must not forget, peace in Kashmir is fundamental to global peace!



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