Civil society demands arrest of main suspect in IUB scandal

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BAHAWALPUR: In response to the drug and video scandal at Islamia University Bahawalpur, civil society members, including lawyers, journalists, and writers, have united to demand the immediate arrest and thorough investigation of Wali Dad Cheema, the main suspect in the case. Pennaflakes were organized at University Chowk as part of their protest.

The scandal, which has brought disgrace to the renowned educational and research institution of Bahawalpur, has deeply affected the community. Participants in the protest stressed that those responsible for tarnishing the university’s reputation should face severe consequences, reflecting the level of shame such a scandal has brought to the city.

Moreover, they expressed concern about the adverse impact of the scandal on women’s education in the region. They emphasized that, in the past, women faced difficulties in accessing education, and now this scandal has further hindered their progress.

Senior journalist, poet, and columnist, Razish Liaqat Puri, commended the university’s progress during Vice Chancellor Athar Mehboob’s four-year tenure. However, the recent scandal has sparked outrage among the people of Bahawalpur, leading to widespread protests against those involved in defaming the institution.

The spotlight is on Wali Dad Cheema, son of Federal Minister Tariq Cheema, as he is continuously being linked to the scandal through social media and credible sources. Civil society members demand swift action from the police to arrest Wali Dad and conduct a thorough investigation to unveil more facts related to the case.

Allama Iqbal Wasim, a senior political leader, expressed that those responsible for the scandal cannot be forgiven, as it directly affects the future of the region’s children. He pledged to protest against any individual defaming Bahawalpur, a city known for its cleanliness and tranquility.

Jam Yasir Advocate, leader of the Lawyers Forum, stressed the utmost importance of Wali Dad Cheema’s arrest, as substantial evidence points to his involvement in the scandal. The protesters have vowed not to let anyone malign the reputation of Bahawalpur and demand a transparent inquiry into the incident, considering the detrimental impact on women’s education in the area. The Minute Mirror tried to reach Wali’s Dad to get his version but failed. The newspaper will publish his version if he does so.