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Climate change triggered floods; int’l community must help rehabilitate victims, says FM Bilawal

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has requested the international community for assistance in rehabilitation of flood victims saying that since 2010, climate change had triggered the worst floods in Pakistan.

Addressing the representatives of United Nations (UN) member states at an awareness event held by the foreign office (FO) over the flood situation of Pakistan, Bilawal said that the temperatures had risen across 50 degree Celsius in Sindh while causing an outburst of glacial lakes in Pakistan’s northern areas.

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Bilawal said that the northern areas of the country are a home to the largest number of glaciers outside the polar region; adding that the current ongoing cycle of super floods was a part of extreme weather patterns.

While appealing for international aid for catastrophic floods, Bilawal told the participants that more than 30 million people have been endangered by floods in 72 districts of the country.

The foreign minister further added that the flood affected people have been facing hunger, thirst and diseases and most importantly the fear of dying because of the inundation caused by monsoon rains.

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He said that for survival, the flood affectees have been totally relying upon food packs while “ravaging floodwaters and rains had taken lives mercilessly”, and crops had been destroyed and the livestock killed.



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