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Climate Change warnings are becoming reality, say experts

Experts stated that catastrophic floods and heatwaves this year show that climate change warnings are becoming reality.

The experts further added that this is just the beginning of disasters.

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The year saw some significant progress, with significant new legislation, particularly in the United States and Europe, as well as an agreement at UN talks to assist vulnerable areas in dealing with a rising onslaught of catastrophic climate impacts.

This year UN climate scientists also issued their greatest warning yet about the risks facing people and the planet, with a study published on climate impacts dubbed an atlas of human suffering released in February.

Humans saw a series of extreme events this year that demonstrated the escalating dangers of climate change, despite only 1.2 degrees Celsius of warming.

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At a climate summit in Egypt, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned world leaders that humanity faces a stark choice between working together to combat global warming or committing collective suicide.

Head of France’s Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute Robert Vautard said, “The coming year will be one of the hottest years on earth, with all the phenomena that go with higher temperatures.”

Vautard also added that when this phenomenon reverses, which could happen within months, the world will likely reach a new level of warming.


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