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Friday, January 27, 2023
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CM Punjab inaugurates new assembly building

CM Elahi in his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the new assembly stated that I am thankful to Allah for making way for him to achieve his goals.

He paid his gratitude to Abdullah Khan Sumbal, Secretary Finance, CNW architect Zara, NCA principal, and Secretary CNW Sher dill for cooperating with him in achieving his goal.

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While listing his achievements as CM he further added that it’s a big achievement for us to approve Khtam-e-Nabuwat University.

“It will be made sure to have all types of the book with translation in serat academy,” said CM Punjab.

He also revealed that his administration also passed the rescue 1122 updated bill and the children’s health university bill.

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Elahi also said that Jubliee town dental institute is also one of a kind.
He also said that in his administration great amendments are made in the police department as well and updated prosecution service a lot.

“We are also passing the defender service act in which the poor will be able to get free services like education,” said CM.

Under the defender act there will be a civil defender on the district level which will be free, said CM


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