CNG bomb follows petrol and LNG price hike

Sindh and Punjab witness a rapid increment in CNG price just a day after petroleum price hike

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The prices of compressed natural gas (CNG) have gone up a day after the increase in the rates of petroleum products and liquified natural gas (LNG).

CNG in Sindh witnessed an increase of Rs 15 per litre and in Punjab Rs 8 per litre following the announcement by the All Pakistan CNG Association.

Meanwhile, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has not been notified. The rise in the prices was made by the association “owing to the depreciation of rupee against the dollar”.

With the latest elevation, per kg CNG prices would jump to almost Rs 133 in Punjab and Rs 207 in Sindh. The prices would remain unchanged in other parts of the country.

“We demand the government reduce sale tax on LNG imports to bring down the prices of the fuel,” said Ghayas Paracha, the leader of the association.

However, OGRA, a day earlier, notified the price of LPG according to which the prices were increased by Rs 29 per kg, after which the domestic cylinder’s price became Rs 344 and commercial cylinder’s price stood at Rs 1322.

The LPG price touched now, an all-time high.  The domestic cylinder will be available at Rs 2404 instead of Rs. 2060 and commercial cylinder will be costing Rs 9248 instead of Rs 7926.

In hilly areas, LPG will be sold at Rs 225 per kg, a domestic cylinder at Rs 2655 and commercial cylinder at Rs 10,215, while in Gilgit Baltistan LPG will be sold at Rs 250 per kg, a domestic cylinder at Rs 2950 and commercial cylinder at Rs 11,350.

The government has also increased the price of petrol by Rs4 per litre and that of high-speed diesel (HSD) by Rs 2 per litre. The prices of kerosene oil and light diesel oil were increased by Rs 7.05 and Rs 8.82 per litre, respectively.

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