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Coke Studio’s ‘Tu Jhoom’ piracy issue resolved to an extent

Coke Studio’s season 14 kicked off with a song that went viral in no time. Titled as ‘Tu Jhoom’, the song featured Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal and garnered a lot of appreciation for its composition, lyrics and vocals as soon as it got released.

However, few days after the release, a statement by an upcoming singer also made it to the headlines, which said that the composition of ‘Tu Jhoom’ is a copy. The singer named Nirmala Maghani came up with a video in which she said that a few months back, she had sent her composition as a demo to Xulfi from Coke Studio to which he never responded. But now it seems as if he did listen to the composition and lifted it for this collaboration of Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal without even giving the credits.

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The singer was also supported by many and the majority instantly got disappointed when they heard that their latest favourite is but a copy, and that too without acknowledging the real artist.

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Coke Studio’s team took a few days before responding but then came up with proofs, which now seem to have settled the issue to some extent, for the programme’s producer Xulfi, who was accused of stealing the melody, came up with screenshots discussing the tune with another partner a month before Nirmala Maghani shared her own composition.

It remains to be seen where the matter now leads, for both the parties are confident about their respective statements.



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