Company accusses employee of being electricity thief for charging phone at office

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    The battery of a mobile phone can run out anytime, anywhere, and it’s a common sight to see office employees charging their phones in the workplace. However, a rather peculiar incident has surfaced where an employee has been accused of being an “electricity thief” for charging his phone at the office.

    While employees often share their workplace experiences and incidents on social media platforms, recently, a unique post caught attention. An employee revealed on the Reddit social media platform that he was accused of stealing electricity from the company after he charged his mobile phone at the office, accompanied by an outburst of anger from his supervisor.

    The user, identified as Milodk, shared that his supervisor at the office shouted at him in frustration for charging his mobile phone, alleging that he was stealing the company’s electricity for personal use.

    The employee engaged with social media users, asking, “I work at the desk job and rarely use my phone during work hours. But sometimes, I forget and leave my phone charging overnight. How do you guys feel about charging phones at the office?”

    Following this post, social media users have criticized the company’s approach towards the employee’s situation.

    One user advised the employee, saying, “Tell your supervisor that you won’t charge your phone at the office anymore, but also let them know you won’t be answering any work calls on your mobile phone, since the company seems to be stealing your talk time and battery life.”

    However, it’s yet to be determined from which city and company this employee’s post originates.