‘Compromised’ journalist and democrats – Kamran Khan’s tweet creates internet storm

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Well-known presenter and career journalist Kamran Khan is known as stirring the media scene with his breaking news, and fearless grilling of powerful people. His recent tweet, mocking two Pakistan People’s Party’s respectable politicians in a tweet, however, did not go well with the Internet. His tweet sparked diverse responses online. On April 6, Kamran Khan in a tweet called Raza Rabbani and Farhatullah Babar the “most compromised democrats of Pakistan.”

Kamran Khan wrote,”[Look at] seasonal flag bearers of the supremacy of constitution. Their silence on how and why this game is being played is remarkable. They don’t care if so-called democrats stonewall elections. They don’t care if the caretakers continue to run 2/3 of Pakistan. Doesn’t matter if the Supreme Court judgment is ridiculed. They are compromised!”

With remarks, Kamran Khan attached video by Dunya News anchor Fahd Shehbaz who is pestering Senator Raza Rabbani. The clip has already been making rounds on social media in which Raza Rabbani on being questioned about holding elections in 90 days according to the constitution. Despite the reporter’s constant questioning, the senator chose to remain silent and said, “I will speak when I will speak. You can’t force me like that.”
The reporter remained steadfast.
“Sir, don’t you advise the party to hold elections in 90 days, according to the constitution? Even ideological people like you don’t speak,” asked the anchor, in response to which Rabbani ignored him.

At one point, another PPP leader Farhatulla Babar is also seen, and he faces the same question.

Even though two senior politicians choose not to engage with the below-the-belt tweet of Kamran Khan, social media users have mixed reactions to Kamran’s comments.
Several Twitteritis criticized Kamran Khan’s “compromised” comments.

Columnist Mohammad Taqi called out Kamran Khan and wrote, “The flag-bearers of constitutional supremacy start by condemning the Supreme Court for usurping the parliament’s prerogative by rewriting 63-A. The means used to trigger the 90-day deadline were malicious.”

Research scholar Nadeem Farooq Paracha questioned Kamran by calling him “Pakistan’s most compromised Journalist.”

But there was no shortage of activists who challenged Raza Rabbani’s silence.

A user expressed sorrow over the silence of Raza Rabbani and wrote, “Raza Rabbani’s silence is quite painful! I honestly expected better from him!”

Journalist Mian Abrar wrote, “Fake Constitutionalist Raza Rabbani and likes of him have been exposed in recent crises. I have been producing story after story on this pseudo scholar who brags about the ‘supremacy of Constitution’ and ‘Parliament is Supreme’ narratives since 2010. Bravo”

Anchor person, Fareeha Idress wrote, “From walk on the road of the constitution to sad walk of shame of silence. This has been a fall from grace.”

A user wrote that this silence is deafening.

We would like to hear from Raza Rabbani and Farhatullah Babar on the tweet of Kamran Khan.

Speak up, sir, silence is not a viable option in this case.

Summaiyya Qureshi is a journalist with Minute Mirror and writes about social issues besides geopolitics, foreign policy, and nuclearization. She can be reached at (summaiyyaqureshi4@gmail.com). She is available on twitter at @SummaiyyaQ