Conduct elections or get ready for contempt, says Sheikh Rashid

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Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed stated on Wednesday that everyone’s attention was focused on the Supreme Court as it would either announce the contempt verdict or hold national elections.

Sheikh Rashid said via his Twitter account that the government allies’ meeting on Tuesday saw a breakdown and a glaring division among the PDM. The PPP, MQM, and BAP felt remorseful for their choices.

He continued by saying that the public has lost faith in the majoritarian parties.

He declared that since the court’s ruling had been violated, either election would now be held or the contempt judgment would be made public.

“In a day or two, the severity of the punishment would be decided, and all eyes would be on the Supreme Court.”

He asserted that the judiciary knew how to perform its duties and would ultimately have to see that its rulings on constitutional issues were executed and respected.

“If elections aren’t held, the caretakers will have to return home. They are not simply there for transfers, promotions, and postings,” he claimed. Elections couldn’t be held all at once, according to Sheikh Rashid, unless the National Assembly was disbanded.

According to him, the government was required to announce a date for the assembly’s dissolution and the general elections. He claimed that in its efforts to hold onto power, the government had cut itself off from both the populace and the outside world.

He added that the government was disobeying court decisions because it was aware of its popularity with the public.