Confident in Pakistan’s commitment to protect its nuclear arsenal: US State Dept

A representative for the State Department said that Washington was confident in Pakistan’s commitment to safeguarding its nuclear arsenal.

The statement from the US State Department comes after US President Joe Biden’s remarks on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

A spokesperson for the State Department told local media that “the US is confident in Pakistan’s willingness to preserve nuclear assets.” A safe and prosperous Pakistan, according to President Biden, was crucial for American interests, they added.

The official added how much the US valued its ongoing partnership with Pakistan.

A day earlier, there was uproar in Pakistan after remarks made by the US president about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons at a democratic congressional campaign committee reception.

United States President Joe Biden claimed that Pakistan may be “one of the most dangerous countries in the world” and that its nuclear arsenal was “without cohesiveness”.

The US President gave these remarks in light of the evolving geopolitical landscape internationally.

Biden was speaking at a reception for the democratic congressional campaign committee on Thursday.

Biden was quoted in a transcript of the speech that was posted on the White House website on Saturday as saying, “… And what I think is maybe one of the most dangerous nations in the world: Pakistan, Nuclear weapons without any cohesion.”


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