Congo virus: Two fatalities in Karachi and Quetta raise alarm

Two fatalities from the Congo virus were recorded in Karachi and Quetta on Sunday, raising the alarm of the health officials.

According to the health officials, the first casualty was an Afghan lady who was 20 years old and pregnant. Gul Naz was transported to Quetta’s Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital from Kuchlak with viral symptoms.

She was bleeding from her lips and nose, so a laboratory received blood samples from her and identified the illness.

She was unable to survive and passed away early on Sunday, according to hospital doctor Zubair Ahmed.

He verified that this was the virus’ third fatality in the previous 10 days. “Four people have passed away from the Congo virus in the last four months.” He said that every patient had been to Afghanistan.

The death of a 28-year-old male in Karachi was also verified by the Sindh health department. Mohammad Adil, a butcher from Liaquatabad, was the deceased.

“On April 30, he first experienced a headache and fever, which worsened two days later. He was sent to a private hospital, where he received treatment for a day, according to a representative of the health department. Later on, the sufferer had nasal bleeding incidents.

Dengue and malaria were first checked on the patient, but the findings were negative, the source noted.

The patient was brought to North Nazimabad’s Ziauddin Hospital on May 4 when his health deteriorated. A day later, he passed away,” he stated.