Congratulations, Malala!

‘One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.’ These words are not like ordinary words because they took huge courage and sacrifices to speak. And the personality behind these words is also not a common one. She is a 24-year-old world’s youngest Nobel laureate, and Pakistan’s pride  ‘Malala Yousafzai’.

First of all congratulations to Malala for choosing a life partner and best wishes for the upcoming journey.

Thinking that a country that has only one living Nobel laureate, as being a good nation, we should have celebrated their milestone with enormous spirit.

The answer is quite disappointing because unfortunately, we witnessed a disciplined abuse campaign on social media against her marriage ceremony in which the majority of the Pakistanis were bashing her by labeling her ‘traitor’ and ‘foreign agent’.

I couldn’t imagine such harsh behavior by these sick minds against a girl who was shot by the terrorists just because she wanted all girls to get an education without any fear. A girl for which the administrators of world global powers show eagerness to meet. A girl who always represents her country’s culture and traditions proudly on every platform.

When I looked back in history I came to know that such type of harsh behavior is not new. We have a long list in which these sick minds for their interests dubbed the majority of the national heroes with these dirty labels. The first affected personality was Fatima Jinnah who was labeled as a traitor, Dr. Abdus Salam was another personality who was deported based on his religious beliefs and many more I am not mentioning them because of the constraints on the word count.

‘Malala’ is another pearl of that string. First of all, conspiracies were created about her injuries by the people who were prominent in the good and bad Taliban narrative. Then the patriarchal mindsets felt bad about why she got a Nobel Prize, and then a statement from one of her interviews was presented out of context to malign her beliefs.

So, why are we not thinking that giving respect to national heroes is one of the essential traits of a great nation? Why does every national personality have to show the so-called certificate of loyalty and being a good Muslim to sick minds? Why are we not thinking that this harsh behavior would discourage other people who want to do extraordinary deeds for Pakistan?

Malala is not a canvas to project all our strange ideologically-charged fantasies. Please let her and her partner live with their own choices in peace.

Written by Wajid Ali | Jhang