Controversial diary allegedly linked to Bushra Bibi sparks political debate

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A diary attributed to Bushra Bibi, the wife of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, has emerged and caused a significant stir in Pakistan’s political landscape. The diary supposedly contains directives and advice given by Bushra Bibi to her husband, raising discussions about her role in shaping political decisions. Excerpts from the diary have circulated widely on media platforms, suggesting that she played a pivotal role in guiding Imran Khan’s political strategies, including influencing decisions involving the judiciary, military, and government.

According to the alleged diary entries, Bushra Bibi advised Imran Khan on pressuring state institutions, organizing rallies, and even providing specific prayers with rebellious undertones. The diary implies her involvement in instigating a political revolution and encouraging extreme actions if necessary. The entries also suggest that she was actively involved in shaping legal strategies, offering questions for PTI lawyers to ask in court that focused on issues related to governance stability and alleged motives against Pakistan.

Critics question the diary’s authenticity, suspecting it might be an attempt to tarnish Imran Khan’s reputation and undermine his party’s credibility. Supporters of PTI argue that the timing and source of the allegations appear politically motivated to weaken the party.

Javed Chaudhry, a renowned anchor, journalist, and analyst, has confirmed the diary’s authenticity. He revealed that the diary was seized from Bushra Bibi during a police raid at Imran Khan’s Lahore residence on August 5. Chaudhry mentioned that the diary was initially a gift to Imran Khan from a friendly country, later passed on to Bushra Bibi. The diary reportedly contains detailed instructions about party management, Imran Khan’s daily routine, prayers, and speeches. Chaudhry asserted that the diary portrays Bushra Bibi’s significant influence over decision-making, including reacting strongly to certain situations and pressuring the judiciary.

Regarding the diary’s credibility, Chaudhry noted that the writing style matches Bushra Bibi’s other writings, and the personal details mentioned could potentially be verified. He suggested that even bank account numbers listed in the diary might be cross-referenced for validation.