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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Corona hits education sector  

More troubling news are coming related to the spread of Corona as six educational institutions have been sealed in the federal capital after 16 students and employees were found infected with COVID-19. Reportedly, 412 cases have been reported in Islamabad and 95 new cases in Rawalpindi with two deaths, while the infection rate in both districts has crossed 10 percent. Once again, the spread of coronavirus has put our educational system at stake. Educational activities were badly affected last year when institutions resorted to smart syllabus and continuation of classes with 50 percent attendance. A large number of parents refused to send their children to schools either due to financial constraints or due to a fear of the virus This led to an increase in the drop out ratio of students at schools.

The situation is once again becoming grimmer as the government is finding no other way except sealing the schools and educational institutions with high ratio of COVID-19 victims. Although, campaigns have been planned to vaccinate students above 12 years of age from February 1, nobody is sure for how many months or years the masses have to live under the fear of this pandemic. Amid this scenario, the education ministry needs to come up with a clear strategy on how to deal with the education crisis. Only the sealing of educational institutions will not be enough. The educational authorities need to launch campaigns to aware parents about the importance of education and ask them to arrange home-schooling. They also need to get their children above 12 years of age vaccinated as soon the government launches such a drive. As the disease cannot be contained due to various factors, only vaccination is a solution to ward off the disease at present.



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