Countdown for government will start on April 27, claims Sheikh Rashid

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The former federal interior minister and leader of the Awami Muslim League, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, has stated that the countdown for the government will start on April 27.

Rashid said that the country was being duped in the guise of negotiations on the social media platform Twitter. He referred to the talks as a “sham.”

Courts will make all highways available. He said that the government’s refusal to recognize the judiciary’s ruling amounted to a rebellion against the constitution and the law.

The administration, according to the former minister, has resorted to disobeying judicial rulings. The judiciary must uphold and carry out its judgements, he stressed.

Rashid said that civil war and turmoil will break out in society if the government disregards judicial rulings.

Because he himself is not a member of the democratic system, Rashid said that Fazlur Rahman intended to dismantle it. If someone abstains from voting or flees it is none of the Supreme Court’s concern, he said.

Rashid joked that it was up to the government to decide whether it wanted to be overthrown through the legal system or eliminated through elections.

According to the former minister, they are unable to face the public and hence cannot run for office. If Rs21 billion [for holding polls] is not released, the government would be dismissed.