Court adjourned till Monday, no decision on PTI leaders’ bail pleas

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The court proceedings for PTI Chairman and Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s post-arrest bail applications in the cypher leaking case were once again postponed on Saturday. This delay was due to the absence of Official Secrets Act Court Judge Abual Hasnat Zulqarnain, who is currently on leave.

As a result, no proceedings took place, and the case has now been rescheduled for a hearing on September 11.

Earlier, PTI lawyers had appeared in the Special Court handling cases related to the Official Secrets Act. They had initially requested the court staff to schedule their petitions for September 9. However, the staff informed them that Judge Zulqarnain would be returning to duty on Monday, September 11, and suggested that it might be more suitable to fix their petitions for that day.

Despite the staff’s advice, the PTI lawyer insisted on having their arguments heard if the judge were available on Saturday, September 9. Consequently, the court staff accommodated their request and set their pleas for September 9.