Cricket legend Yousaf names the player who can break his record

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Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf has nothing but appreciation for Babar Azam’s outstanding achievements and contributions to the national team. He also hoped that Babar Azam would break his test record.

Yousuf acknowledged Babar’s place among the world’s best players during an interview with local media, praising him as one of Pakistan’s most brilliant cricketers of the modern period.

“Babar Azam’s outstanding performance has elevated him to among the top three or four cricketers in the world, making him Pakistan’s best player of this period. His extraordinary international accomplishments confirm his stature as a player of the highest caliber, said Yousuf.

The former cricketer even stated that he would like to see a Pakistani player break his record, and he thinks Babar can do it.

Being a former cricket player, he remarked, “I would be happy to see my record broken by a Pakistani player, and I do not doubt that Babar Azam has the potential to do so given his exceptional abilities on the field.”

The 48-year-old has also advised prudence when it comes to applying pressure to Babar since he thinks that any disruption to the captain’s concentration could have an impact on the performance of the entire team.

The young captain of the Pakistan cricket team has distinguished credentials in the game, including holding the top batting ranking in One-Day Internationals for more than 700 days.