Cyclonic storm will not hit Karachi coast, reports

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The effect of the storm will be seen in the city, heavy rains are expected

Cyclone Bapar Joy’s distance from Karachi has increased and the storm is now 370 kilometers south of Karachi.

According to the Meteorological Department, the first cyclonic storm was 340 kilometers south of Karachi, 355 kilometers south of Thatta, and 290 kilometers southwest of Kati Bandar.

According to the Meteorological Department, Baparjoy will not hit the coast of Karachi, but the effect of the storm will be seen.

Due to the storm, the sea of Hawkes Bay increased in spate while the land route to Manora has also been cut off.

Rain and thundershowers are continuing in different parts of Karachi.

Meteorological Department said that there is a possibility of heavy rain and thundershowers in Karachi and Hyderabad between today and June 16, during which there is also a risk of urban flooding.

The areas of Baparjoy to Jati, Kharo Chhan, and Shah Bandar are under threat, strong winds are also blowing in the coastal settlements of Badin and Thatta, and high transmission line poles have collapsed due to strong winds, due to which power supply has been suspended in different areas.

The weather also changed in Kati Bunder and light rains have started there.

The evacuation had been completed from areas inhabited on the coast including Zero Point, Guguanghoro, Chak 57, and Bhagra Memon in Badin.

On the other hand, fishermen are facing difficulties due to the filling of mud at the jetty in Gadani, the fishermen are forced to pay Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 to bring the boats to shore.