Dar rejects baseless propaganda over Pakistan’s default

Propaganda against Pakistan should be stopped, Finance Minister vows to make timely payments

Picture source - AFP

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that baseless propaganda was being made that Pakistan will default and will not be able to make payments.

He said that Pakistan will absolutely not default on its debt obligations. He said that Pakistan’s international bonds had very small transactions and there would not be any impact on them. He also rejected the speculations over widening credit default swap (CDS).

Addressing a news conference via video link he said that Pakistan has issued Sukuk bonds worth one billion dollars. He said that Pakistan has never violated its obligations and it will not make delays in payments for the next year.

Finance Minister said that it was being said that Pakistan will not be able to make payments after two weeks. He said that there could be political reasons behind such propaganda.

Dar further said that such baseless propaganda about the country’s economy will affect future borrowing and that the nation should not give attention to such statements.

Finance Minister said that such propaganda was against Pakistan and should be stopped. He said that everyone should stop speculating and spreading lies about Pakistan’s economic condition. He made an appeal to everyone that a prosperous Pakistan should be the combined agenda for all.

He also rejected all speculations about the oil shortage. He said that baseless rumours based on political goals were being spread.


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