Dar surrenders himself before accountability court seeking cancellation of arrest warrants

New Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar has surrendered himself before the accountability court seeking cancellation of his arrest warrants after being away for five years maintaining that he was unable to appear because of his seized passport by the previous PTI government.

Ishaq Dar informed the court that despite being unwell he wanted to come but his passport was seized by the previous government and on that basis, he was barred from returning. He said that Pakistanis embassies in different countries had been directed to not issue his passport.

The court later had issuing the notice to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and adjourned the hearing till October 7.

Accountability court judge Muhammad Bashir had previously, on September 23, suspended the perpetual arrest warrant of PML-N leader till October 7.

Ishaq Dar’s arrest warrants were issued on December 11, 2017 after he had absconded in assets beyond means case.

Later, talking to the media outside the court, Ishaq Dar denied that he had returned due to a deal. He said that PML-N didn’t believe in such arrangements. He again called the cases against him false.

The finance minister showed a resolve that his party will steer the country out of the crisis just like they had done in 1998-99 and from 2013 onwards. Castigating PTI for discarding sovereign agreements, he said that no government could go as far as PTI did.

He told, “Our currency does not deserve to be there where it currently is. I believe some speculators who had been playing the game have now stopped. Before I landed here, they had started going in a good direction,” he added. “Our second priority is to bring inflation and interest rates down.”



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