Dark Side of social media: Farmer’s Rare and 2.5 lakhs worth Mangoes stolen after going

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    The drawbacks of using social media are evident, as highlighted by a recent incident reported in the Indian media. A farmer from Odisha, India, who owned a farm where he grew a rare variety of mangoes with a market value of around Rs 2.5 lakh per kilogram, shared pictures of his mangoes on social media. Unfortunately, after the pictures were posted, the mangoes were stolen from his field.

    The farm owner, Laxmi Narayan, had been delighted with the successful cultivation of over 38 varieties of mangoes in his field. As he became aware of the extraordinary value of his mangoes, he decided to showcase them to the world through social media.

    Tragically, shortly after Laxmi Narayan proudly shared a picture of the prized mango tree on various social media platforms, four valuable mangoes were stolen from his farm. This incident left Laxmi Narayan and the local community shocked and disheartened.

    It serves as a reminder that although social media can offer numerous benefits, users should exercise caution and be mindful of the potential risks associated with sharing valuable information or possessions online.