‘Daska by-poll report will shake Punjab government’

Former ECP secretary advises ministers to choose their words carefully as ECP a constitutional body

Former Election Commission of Pakistan secretary Kunwar Dilshad has said that Daska by-poll report would soon be made public and it would shake the entire provincial government.

Speaking to a private news channel on Monday, Kunwar Dilshad said that over 22 presiding officers had given accounts about the happenings of the night of the Daska by-poll. He further said that the presiding officers had disclosed the names of all involved in rigging to the Election Commission Inquiry Committee.

He further stated that Punjab chief secretary has also apprised the chief election commissioner about the entire situation. He said that people would forget the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) once the election commission makes the report public.

“People will also forget about the harsh statements given by ministers about the election commission once the report comes out,” he said adding that the report will be made public in the coming days.

The former ECP secretary also advised the ministers to choose their words carefully as Election Commission of Pakistan was a constitutional body and this attitude of government would set a negative precedent about treatment of other constitutional bodies.

In February, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had alleged rigging in the NA-75 by-poll. The Election Commission of Pakistan had ordered an investigation into the matter. The investigations into the controversy also included the matter of disappearance of more than twenty presiding officers from the polling stations and its impact on the overall outcome of the election. The ECP had ordered a repoll, which was held in April and won by PML-N’s Nosheen Iftikhar.