Deaf and mute woman assaulted in Narowal

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In the town of Narowal, a despicable incident occurred where a young thug mercilessly targeted a defenseless deaf and mute woman, subjecting her to a heinous act of assault.

As per the accounts provided by the local police, this distressing incident of assault unfolded in Bhola Bajwa, where the audacious suspect brazenly invaded the woman’s home. Unbeknownst to her, the assailant barged in, and in a chilling display of cruelty, subjected her to a brutal act of violence.

Following the incident, an initial medical examination was conducted to assess the extent of the victim’s injuries and gather evidence. Subsequently, authorities have taken additional measures by sending samples for forensic analysis to strengthen the case against the perpetrator.

The victim’s mother, heartbroken and seeking justice for her daughter, has expressed her frustration, alleging that despite the compelling medical report, the police have failed to apprehend the culprit responsible for this reprehensible act.

In response, the police have assured the public that they are actively pursuing the fugitive assailant and are conducting raids to effect his arrest. The community remains on edge as they await the capture of the suspect and the delivery of justice for the innocent victim who endured this traumatic ordeal.

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