Deep sleep hotel: Unique accommodation experience

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The Jebel Jais Zipline in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, holds the distinction of being the world’s highest hotel. Similarly, the Deep Sleep Hotel, located deep within the depths of Snowdonia, Wales, claims its place as the world’s deepest hotel, nestled at a remarkable depth beneath the surface.

This hotel is situated within an abandoned and vacant 419-meter-deep mine shaft, featuring four private double-bed cabins, a group room with a double bed, a dining area, and toilet facilities.

The Deep Sleep Hotel is truly one of a kind in its nature. It is established within the depths of the Carn Morthen Slate Mine, with its underground location reaching an astonishing 419 meters below ground level. It had been left untouched for quite some time until it was transformed into a hotel, now gaining fame as the world’s deepest hotel.

If you are someone intrigued by this unusual and extraordinary hotel and wish to spend a night there, you not only have to pay £550 or $688, but also embark on a challenging, steep, and uneven path leading towards the old mine shifts, where this unique hotel awaits you.