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Deepak Perwani under fire for calling full sleeves clothes ‘regressive’

Popular fashion designer Deepak Perwani is under fire for a recent statement which he made regarding contemporary fashion trends in Pakistan. In an interview which he gave on a local channel to Ahsan Khan, Perwani said that he did not find clothing styles as creative as they were back in the 1990s.

According to him, there has been a consistency in the way people have been wearing clothes lately, their preference being full sleeves shirts mostly.

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Deepak Perwani continued to expand on his idea, saying that he found full sleeves clothing conservative, as it pointed at a society which, according to him, was regressing instead of progressing. He stated how he did not design western cuts at all now, although they were way popular back in the 90s and had become almost a norm.

As soon as the interview made it to the internet, netizens took it upon themselves to school Deepak Perwani who, according to them, was just trying to be a wannabe by off-handedly terming full sleeves clothes as regressive. Many from the Pakistani public felt quite offended at this statement of one of the most respectable fashionistas of the country, saying that this could not be called liberalism, but an extremism of its kind towards people who opted for a certain kind of clothing.

However, at a very small scale, a few people came to defend the designer’s statement by saying that what he meant by regression here was the secularism which had gotten eclipsed rather quickly in Pakistan, with people not being allowed to wear the kind of clothes they wanted, even if they did not belong to the country’s major religion of Islam.

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Despite the furor, Deepak Perwani has not given any statement in his defense yet, which the public is curiously awaiting.



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