DG ISI’s presser was totally political, says Imran Khan

Imran Khan has said that his march has been aimed at only one purpose, to free the people. He said that he wants that the decisions should be made inside Pakistan and not from outside.

Addressing the people at Liberty, Imran Khan said that he wanted the people to have the basic fundamental rights that have been promised to them by the constitution. He said that the present government has been responsible for massive inflation. The people in government have been busy getting them cleared from cases.

He said that the nation would give every sacrifice rather than accept the current regime. He said that Azam Swati has spoken of the names of two persons, Faheem and Faisal, in his press conference. He said that Faisal [Dirty Harry] first abducted Swati, tortured and denuded him. He said that the same had happened to Shahbaz Gill.

Imran Khan said that there was custodial torture just because of a tweet against an officer. He wants that this army of Pakistan and we want it to be strong for Pakistan. He said that by doing things like these the image of the army has been maligned and damaged.

He said that he had never heard Sheikh Rasheed doing a political press conference as DG ISI had done. He said that he makes constructive criticism for betterment otherwise there was a lot to say.

Imran Khan said that he wanted to tell the judiciary that the path under law and constitution would be followed by PTI and the march will go to only those areas where the court had directed. He reiterated that the march will be peaceful. But he urged that the democratic right of the people was not protected on May 25 but this time that right should be protected from the fascist government officials.


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