Director Mehreen Jabbar disappointed with Pakistani television content

One of the most creative drama directors and film makers of Pakistan, Mehreen Jabbar has expressed severe disappointment at the kind of dramatic content being produced in the country.

The director, who just got done with the shoot of her web-series and is now working on a television project, took to her Twitter account this weekend to post the following status: “Why have most of our dramas become like Indian soap operas? Bad lighting, non-stop carpet music, perfect blow drys for women, the same stubble/beard for men. Everyone in constant trauma & shouting or crying & 1000 eps of a stretched out storyline. Kahan kho gaye vo lamhey? (where have those moments gone?).”

Viewers instantly took to the comments section to agree to what Mehreen Jabbar had to say, expressing an equal disappointment in both the on-screen look and content of Pakistani drama serials which have lost their realism and relatability and turned into fancy worlds where women have make-up on all the time and the relatively older women are clad in expensive saris. In comparison to these glitzy serials, Mehreen Jabbar has always taken care to produce light-hearted, visually appealing and relatable stories which cater to all classes and age-groups, hence her status venting out her disappointment.