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Disclosure of Toshakhana gifts details can harm Pakistan’s foreign relations, govt tells LHC

The government has expressed its concerns over the Toshakhana gifts before the Lahore High Court (LHC), stating that the publication of such items could result in harm to Pakistan’s foreign relations.

The government expressed its concerns stating that the publication of such items could result in an unnecessary media frenzy, which might potentially be harmful to the interests of Pakistan in the conduct of foreign relations.

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The issue was brought up by the government in its report that was presented to the single-judge bench during the hearing of a petition for the release of records about Toshakhana presents.

A private citizen named Munir Ahmad filed the petition through attorney Azhar Siddique in December 2022.

According to experts, the government’s stance is also in contrast to its criticism of Imran for not providing details regarding the items given to the Toshakhana and the money made from their purported sale.

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The coalition government also filed a reference against the PTI leader in August 2013 for failing to list the proceeds from the sale of state gifts in his assets.

Even though the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) ordered the PTI to do so, the party had resisted disclosing information about the presents given to Imran after he took office in 2018, claiming that doing so would jeopardize relations with other countries.



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