Disrupted LNG supply amid cyclone Biparjoy can cause increased load shedding

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Cyclone Biparjoy, which formed in the Arabian Sea, is at a distance of less than 450 kilometers south of Karachi, but seeing the impact of this storm a senior government official has warned of an increase in load shedding.

According to a senior official, LNG cargo could not go from 100 mmcfd Terminal 1 on Monday in view of the storm, but if the situation remains the same, the availability of gas for the power sector will decrease, and resultantly a gas supply emergency will be declared.

At present, the power shortfall across the country is 6000 MW.

At present, the power shutdown across the country is 6000 MW and this situation can lead to further power outages across the country.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the cyclone is expected to affect LNG transmission, power generation, transmission lines as well as reduce wind energy.

According to sources in the Ministry of Energy, 1500 MW of electricity generation may be reduced due to the disruption of LNG transmission, 2400 MW of electricity of coal power plants can be affected due to ministry transmission problems.

The sources have said that the reduction in power generation will be met by generating electricity from diesel, but load shedding can increase by 2-3 hours.