‘Dissociate as many as you can but announce elections soon’: Imran Khan

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that rana Sanaullah’s press conference has cleared all of his doubts.

“What he has said means two things, or he is afraid that when the arrested PTI women are freed from the jails, they will tell what has happened to them, or they are afraid of something that has happened due to being mishandled”, Imran Khan said.

Addressing through the video link, Imran Khan said that he has never seen such treatment of women in Pakistan in his life.

He said that it is now a complete plan to de-politicize women, which is half the population of Pakistan, should be kept out of politics in some way. Seeing this, the men who are husbands, those who are fathers, those who are brothers should be so afraid that they should tell the women to sit at home.

He said, “When the decisions of the judiciary are not accepted within a country and the judges sit there and cry that what should we do, we give you a bull, but they will catch you from there, then it is better that you hold a press conference and say that I am not part of the PTI.” ‘

He said that now the whole nation is seeing that a person who is also a terrorist is everything, but one thing he says that I am leaving the PTI, then all that is forgiven.

“I want to give a message to the government that look, give yourself time, you have to take two weeks, take three weeks, dissociate the number of people you want to break in that time, and at the rate at which you are going, enough people you have broken, enough and will be broken,” he said. So my request to you is to give a time frame, because the country is going towards destruction, the economy is going down.