Disturbing incident in India as assailant consumes victim’s blood

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A disturbing incident has taken place in the state of Karnataka, India, where a man allegedly slit the throat of his wife’s suspected lover and consumed the victim’s blood.

The perpetrator, driven by suspicions of his wife’s affair with his friend, committed this horrifying act. The incident gained widespread attention after a video capturing the entire event went viral, prompting the police to intervene.

According to Indian law enforcement officials, the accused individual, identified as Vijay, harbored suspicions that his friend Mareesh was involved in an extramarital relationship with his wife. In a fit of rage, Vijay arranged a meeting with Mareesh and brutally attacked him, slashing his throat with a sharp weapon.

Meanwhile, at the instruction of Vijay, another friend named Johan recorded the gruesome murder on his mobile phone, clearly capturing the accused consuming the victim’s blood.

In response to this tragic event, the Indian police acted swiftly, apprehending the accused and filing a case against him.

On the other hand, the victim, Mareesh, was admitted to the hospital and has since been discharged after receiving medical treatment.