Do animals love us? Or they just pretend to be nice for a treat?

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Animals are our fellow travelers on this earth. It’s time we heard what they have to say. The human-animal bond has developed for more than 15,000 years old. This relationship starts as a working relationship. Animals provided protection and service to people. These services aided humans in hunting, farming, or other required missions for daily life.

Draft animals were in common use in Mesopotamia (Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey) before 3000 BC for farm work and for pulling wheeled vehicles. Horses, donkeys, mules, and camels were used for carrying food water, ammunition, and medical supplies to men at the front, dogs and pigeons were used for carrying messages. The canaries were used to detect poisonous gas, and dogs and cats were trained to hunt rats in the trenches.

However, animals were not only used for work. Humans hunting animals such as elephants are used for ivory and tigers for their skin and bones. Countless other species are similarly overexploited. Animals provide us milk, meat and their skin. Animals skins are used for clothing, particularly as coats, gloves, leather goods and footwear and are used for bookbinding. Many traditional drums, especially hand drums like the pandeiro, continue to be made using natural skins.

In my opinion humans are under the impression that animals are made for us and they have to obey us. This is absolutely wrong, Animals are not made to serve us, rather, animals are free beings with the right to live their lives without human interference. Animals do have feelings, they are not pretending for a treat, they actually love us and they only want that they are loved in return. Humans should treat animals the same way they treat their partners of any kind.

Written By Huzyfa | Lahore