Don’t remember picture with Ali Zafar, says Meesha Shafi

Singer Meesha Shafi has been cross-examined as additional Sessions Justice Khan Mahmood heard the defamation case file by Ali Zafar.

Responding to Ali Lawyer’s claim that Meesha’s proof can’t be used as that picture was uploaded by Meesha herself, she stated that she doesn’t remember the picture with Ali Zafar and needs to see again to speak further.

Zafar was also present in person at the hearing in the court.

Attorney Tariq Gul, who represents the petitioner, interrogated Shafi on the sexual harassment facts she presented to the court throughout the hearing. The proof was a photo of the two singers taken together that was posted on Facebook by the female vocalist.

As per the media, the attorney claimed that because she uploaded the photo with the caption “tonight we party,” it could not be used as proof of sexual harassment. To which Meesha responded that she couldn’t recall the image that’s why she can’t speak further.

Meesha was questioned further by Zafar’s attorney over her assertion that she had never been summoned before the court.

Lawyer argued that Shafi deliberately misrepresented the court ruling.

“It was a “slip of the tongue,” Meesha Shafi said in response.

However, the court ruled that Shafi’s cross-examination would proceed on March 1 after hearing arguments.

It should be noted that Ali Zafar sued Meesha Shafi for defamation and disputed the accusations of sexual harassment.